In this article we'll be covering: 

  1. Benefits of using Hashtag Collections
  2. Getting started with Hashtag Collections in 3 simple steps
  3. How to to access your collections on mobile

Benefits of using collections:

We want you to spend less time searching, and more time getting results. Hashtag Collections is an easy way to save groups of hashtags to use in your Instagram posts, no matter where you are.

Centralised location for all your hashtags 🏡 

Easily build a library of options, experiment with different variations and re-use top performing groups. 

Speed up your research ⏱

Send hashtags straight from Flick’s Hashtag Search to any of your collections!

Access hashtags on your phone 📱

Auto-syncs with a dedicated mobile app so you have access to your hashtags no matter where you are.

Getting started with Hashtag Collections in 3 simple steps!

Yes, it's really that simple! 

  1. Import 
  2. Organise
  3. Post

📥 Import your hashtags

Import existing hashtag lists (from anywhere) into Hashtag Collections or create your first collection using Flick’s Hashtag Search.

🗒 Organise & Optimise

Build a library of options, experiment with different variations and re-use top performing groups.  

There’s limitless possibilities when it comes to organising your hashtags, however, we would suggest creating a variety of different hashtag groups using inspiration from some of flick's top users!  

💡 How some of our top users are creating their collections 💡

Topic and Niche Organisation

You could organize your collections into different categories based around your sub-niches and topics, such as:

  • Location hashtags 
  • Topic-specific hashtags 
  • Community Hashtags
  • Audience specific hashtags 

Content-Specific Collections

Create collections based on the different types of content you post onto Instagram, this may look like:

  • Black and white photography
  • Portrait photography
  • Landscape photography

Strategy specific Collections

You may want to create collections based on the strategy you are using on your account:

Competition score Collections:

  • Low competition hashtags
  • Medium competition hashtags
  • High competition hashtags

Average Like Collections

  • Marketing #'s 100-200 average likes
  • Marketing #'s 200 - 300 average likes
  • Marketing #'s 300 - 400 average likes

Creating ahead of time for specific posts

If you research and schedule your posts prior to posting, you may find it beneficial to create collections around your specific posts, this will allow you to quickly copy your collection into your post when you need it. For example:

  • Post 1 - Vegan Smoothie recipe
  • Post 2 - Vegetarian lunch ideas
  • Post 3 - Gluten-free dessert inspiration 

Based on top-performing posts, analytics and ranked hashtags

Keep a collection or two of hashtags that you know have performed well for you, these may be hashtags you've ranked on or a selection of your best-performing hashtags. These might look like this:

  • #1 best performing post of July
  • #2 best performing post of July
  • #3 best performing post of July

🚀 Post

Now you've got your hashtags organized, they're available for whenever you need them, whether this is on your desktop or your mobile. You'll be able to access your hashtags when you need them the most.

  • If you’re scheduling posts from your laptop, you can easily copy hashtags from your collections via the Flick desktop app.
  • If you’re looking to access your hashtags whilst on the move, you can copy hashtag collections via the Flick mobile app.  

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