Everything you need to know about Instagram hashtags to transform your hashtag research from 😱 to 😍.

What are Hashtags for?


Think of an Instagram hashtag as a folder on your computer. Whether it’s your holiday pictures or your work files, each folder contains a type of content or group of information related to the same topic. Folders allow you to find exactly what you need, quickly and efficiently. At their most basic level, hashtags are simply Instagram’s version of folders.

Put simply, the hashtags you use will have an impact on what type of account and content you post, and will use this to categorise your account to show your content to the correct people, valuable information, right?

We go more in-depth on this in our Complete Guide to Instagram Hashtags if you'd like to understand exactly how that all works!

Reaching new audiences

By using hashtags in your posts, you can reach un-tapped audiences on Instagram who may be interested in your content, product or services. 

You can use hashtags on feed posts, story posts and within your Instagram bio. 

  • Feed posts: when using feed posts, every post you create can be accompanied by up to 30 hashtags to help your content get discovered.
  • In your bio: Putting hashtags in your bio are a great way of ensuring you're account is suggested to the right people. We'd suggest using up to 2 hashtags in your bio.
  • Story posts: Much like feed posts, using hashtags in your stories means that anyone who searches for that hashtag in Instagram will be able to see your story! 

Getting results from hashtags

There are two sections to a hashtag, ‘recent’ & ‘top posts’. To get results, you need to rank in the ‘top posts’ section of a hashtag.

How to rank on a hashtag

To rank in the ‘top posts’ section of a hashtag the engagements received on your post must be similar to the engagements received by content currently ranking in those posts. (this varies daily). 

E.G, if your posts get 50 likes and the average engagements on posts on a hashtag you want to use get 700, you are unlikely to rank in that hashtag.


The hashtags you use must be as relevant to your post and niche as possible! You’re more likely to engagements and follows if the people you reach (through hashtags) are going to love what you’re posting. 

Remember, not everyone who is interested in #fashion is interested in #gothiclingerie even though it’s related to #fashion, choose wisely!

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