Available on the Growth Plan and above

Quickly find the perfect hashtags for your account!

Flick's search filters allow you to quickly filter out hashtags that are too small or too large for your account - to learn more about what sized hashtags you should use head here.

To start using advanced filters, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the filter menu

Step 2: Add a new filter

Step 3: Build your filter
To set your filter, pick which metric you would like to filter by. Currently Flick allows you to filter by:

  • Average Likes - the average number of likes the ranking posts get on a hashtag
  • Media Count - the total number of posts made on a hashtag

Then pick whether you would like the hashtag to be greater or smaller than a certain number. Finally enter that number in the far right box.

You can add as many as 4 lines of logic in your advanced search filters. 

Step 4: Set your filters active
By clicking "Apply", you will set your search filters active, all current open search as well as future search will be made with those search filters. 

You can re-open and change search filters at anytime during your Flick session and they will be applied to your existing open searches.

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